About us

We work with tech companies and enterprises who aspire to lead their markets with differentiated AI-powered products and services.

We align category, product and AI strategy for B2B tech companies.

Are you fighting for position in a crowded market? Is your product really that different from the pack? 

Perhaps you are 'supporting AI' — but lack a clear category or vision for your market.

Or maybe you have defined a clear vision for your where you are headed, but need help to better implement the most advanced AI technologies.

Our goal is to help your company achieve success and a leadership position using AI — and create a compelling differentiated product or service.

Learn more about how our expertise and framework can make that happen.

Our Team

We're experts in category, product and AI strategy.


Products, categories and technologies


Hours spent to master our craft



Our expertise

Our expertise spans across multiple industries, technologies and platforms.


Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Computer Vision

Natural Language Processing

Recommendation Engines

Online Video

Video Content Analysis

Online Video Publishing

Adaptive Web Streaming

Cloud Video Transcoding


Intelligent Sensors


Industry 4.0

Process Automation

Autonomous Robotics

Cloud Tech



Storage Engines



Churn Prediction

Mobile A/B Testing

Mobile App Advertising

App Store Optimization

Lead Generation

Software Development

Software Development

Lifecycle Management

Model Ops and Dev Ops


We engage based on both project and daily rates depending on customer requirements — as well as on retainers for extended projects.


We assess your company, AI, product and marketing capabilities. This helps us determine how best to engage.


We host workshops for category, product and AI strategy. We also deliver training sessions to uplevel your teams' AI/ML capabilities.

Virtual Chief Data Scientist

Use our PhD level Data Scientist expertise for longer term product and AI strategy guidance.

Virtual CMO

Build out your category and product marketing efforts with worldclass resources.

Contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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