Framework Overview

We bring category, product and AI strategy together to create differentiated value.

Category strategy helps you define and set a vision for your market. However, just saying you're different with a nicely crafted story and new category name doesn't make you different.

If you want to lead your category, your product must actually be different. It should uniquely delight customers  — with the right problem-market fit that maps to your category to the problem it solves.

AI/ML technologies can help bring new value to these problems, but they are often challenging to implement, as proven industry and data scientist expertise is hard to find. Companies often say they 'support AI' with no real strategy, or well thought-out use cases.

We help align your category, AI and product strategy, and get you on a path to category leadership, and differented value creation.

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We work across company leadership, data science, development and dev and ML Ops teams.

Check out our framework to get you on a path to differentiated value creation.

Set your vision.
Define a category that your company can own.

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