Create a new market category.
Transform your product with AI.
Lead the market.   

We work with innovative companies to create new categories — then align AI and product strategies to lead their markets.

Create your new market category.

We help define a new market category — based on a new problem that customers didn't know they had, or an existing problem solved in a new way.

Align your product to the new vision.

Just saying you are different, doesn't make you different. We update your product roadmap to the new category.

Define your AI strategy.

Transforming your product with generative AI or traditional AI/ML can help you stand out. We engage product leaders to arrive at your AI strategy, focused on the highest ROI.

Deploy AI prototypes to show ROI.

Build user-ready prototypes to validate gen AI and traditional ML features and show ROI.  
Scope AI responsibility and risk management.

Start by defining your new category.

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