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It's hard to stand out in a crowded market. We help you get to a unique 'problem-market fit'.

With so many crowded marketplaces, launching a product today using classic market positioning — where you carve out a spot in the competitive landscape — is extremely challenging. It's also hard to 'differentiate' your product or service just based on features alone.

In order to get to a successful launch, you now must think about both your brand — and your category — and how you can be different, not just better.

We assess your product and company, and help define a new market category based on a problem that customers didn't know they had, or an existing problem solved in a new way.

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AI can often help ensure differentiation — but today most AI efforts fail. We can help.

Just saying you're different and launching a new category and a nice category story doesn't make you different. Your product really must be different — it must provide unique delighters that no one else can.

Often being different requires supporting the latest AI/ML technologies to drive enhanced insight for your customers. But it's hard to identify the right AI scenarios that bring real value — and quickly show ROI. Most AI projects fail.

We start by determining the value of the multi-structured data flowing in your data pipeline and suitability of your product for AI.

Then we guide you to the highest value AI use cases. We get you to an AI MVP ready to integrate into your product or service.

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