Design your market category.
Align the roadmap to the new vision.
Create unique value with AI technologies.

Create a new market category. Be the market leader.

With so many crowded technology marketplaces, launching a product today using classic market positioning is extremely challenging. It's also hard to differentiate based on features alone.

We help define a new market category based on a new problem that customers didn't know they had — or an existing problem solved in a new way.

Be different, not just better.

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Align your product to the new direction. Create value with AI.

Just saying you're different doesn't make you different. Your product really must be different — it must provide unique delighters that no one else can. We help align your product to the new category.

Often being different requires supporting the latest AI/ML technologies to drive enhanced insight that can add value for your customers. But it's hard to identify the right AI scenarios — and quickly show ROI.

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