Define your category
Build your AI stategy
Align to the new vision

We work with B2B companies to create new market categories — then align AI and product strategies.

Define your new category

With so many crowded markets, launching a product today using classic positioning is extremely challenging. It's also hard to differentiate based on features alone.

Be different, not just better. We help define a new market category based on a new problem that customers didn't know they had, or an existing problem solved in a new way.

AI enhance your product

Enhancing your product or service with AI/ML can bring further differentiation.

We engage executive decision makers, data scientists, and ML ops teams to arrive at your AI strategy, focused on the highest value use cases.

Align your product to the new vision

Just saying your're different, doesn't make you different. Your product must provide delighters that no one else can.

Learn more about how we can help align your product roadmap to the new category.

Launch the category

We'll create a category launch plan so you can create maximum impact with the new strategy.

We'll refine and update your brand identity and messaging to map to the new category. Then, launch your category and watch it grow.  

Start with defining your new category.

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